Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Irene's Soggy Aftermath

Last Saturday, the rumblings started about this tropical system that was approaching the Island. Even though I was up early, I didn't make it to my group run on time at 6am. Started running by myself from Escambrón towards Old San Juan at 6:30am. Caught up with our 4-1 Galloway group in La Princesa and ran with them back to Escambrón. I finished up my 6 miles by running to the Condado end of Puente Dos Hermanos and back to Luis Muñoz Rivera Park. There were tons of people out and about the streets of San Juan, mostly running, but also cyclists and walkers. Many runners were getting ready for this Sunday's Sabrina 16-mile race.

On Sunday morning, I had a round of golf set up with friends that was almost cancelled. But we decided to go out even though the entire island was under a tropical storm warning, and later in the day under a hurricane warning. We got our 18 holes in before noon without a problem, and hunkered down for the rest of the day waiting for Irene. I was to run alongside my wife on her first 5K late that afternoon, but the event was postponed due to the expectation of deteriorating weather conditions. The weather was just right for running though, as the rains hadn't started by race time, but logistically it would've been a nightmare for the organizesr.

The island has been close to 72 hours under the effects of this storm, both directly and by its tail. And it has rained continuously and intensely for most of this 3-day period. Running and fundraising have taken a back seat for a couple of days. Hopefully, I can get a quick run later today or tomorrow morning, weather permitting. I know that races and marathons are typically not cancelled due to rain, but this has been ridiculous. Downpours have been thick. And certainly, it's not the same to run through a shower in the middle of a run (which actually happened last week and it was niiiiice), than to step out of your house into a storm for a drenching run.

On the fundraising front, I hit my LIVESTRONG goal for the 2011 Chicago Marathon last Saturday morning. I wish to extend my gratitude to my donors and let them know that every dollar counts - together, we are improving the lives of people affected by cancer. My original goal was $990, a product of the marathon's date (9-october-2011). With a little more than a month left until race day, I've decided to double my goal to $1,980. I truly believe with everyone's help the new goal can be reached. I will be playing in my high school's alumni golf tournament this weekend, and I am planning to do some outreach and networking.

Irene will certainly mark the beginning for my final push to Chicago, on both the training and fundraising fronts.

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