Friday, August 5, 2011

Help all around

After coming back from our Aguadilla and Isabela tour, I went for a short run early Sunday morning and coincidentally bumped into Padre Orlando Torres as he was leaving for his morning run. We ran almost 4 miles together, then I finished 2 more and change. It was a very nice coincidence, we caught up on each other's current events...and it all happened on the 6-year anniversary of him baptizing my first child. Just plain odd. Padre Orlando is one of the highest ranking Jesuit priests in The Society of Jesus and is based out of Rome. He's in Puerto Rico for his annual vacation.

Early in the week I started my fundraising campaign for Team LIVESTRONG and the Lance Armstrong Foundation via email and Facebook. I'm very pleased with the initial results as I have already passed my midway point to my goal of raising $990. Thanks to all that are supporting my cause and I'll be sure to honor your loved ones who battled cancer.

If interested in supporting my running of the Chicago Marathon for Team LIVESTRONG, you can do so at:

Yesterday I went in for my first therapy session for my IT Band with Dr. César Gómez at San Francisco Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation. Also threw in some leg stretching and strengthening exercises. Will try doing therapy (ultrasound, massage and electro) sessions 3 times a week for the next couple of months leading to race day. I see no other way of getting through the rest of training, long runs and the marathon itself without my knee becoming a major impediment.

Tomorrow we have a 21-mile run on schedule starting at 3 (freaking!) AM.

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